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Design Award, Keum-Won Ha, Hyuk Ryu, Joonhong Park, and Donghyun Baek, “Complementary Current-Reuse Armstrong and Armstrong-Colpitts Voltage Controlled Oscillator using Transformer” 2014 RF/아날로그 회로 워크샾, Sept. 2014.

  1. Best Paper Award - 16th Workshop pn RF/Analog Circuit Technology

    Date2017.03.28 Bymecaslab Views3
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    Design Award - 2014 RF/Analog Circuit Workshop

    Date2016.09.11 Bymecaslab Views6
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    Date2016.09.11 Bymecaslab Views0
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    Design Award - 2012 ISOCC

    Date2016.09.11 Bymecaslab Views2
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    Best Paper Award - 12th RFIC Workshop

    Date2016.09.11 Bymecaslab Views1
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    Best Paper Award - 9th RFIC Workshop

    Date2016.09.11 Bymecaslab Views3
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