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21 2019.12.24 APMC2019 Kwang-Il Oh, Gwang Sub Kim, Jae-Gyeong Park, Goo-Han Ko and Donghyun Baek, "Fourth-order Resonator based Current Reuse Injection-Locking Frequency Div... admin 2
20 2019.12.24 EUMW 2019 Jeongsoo Park, Donghyun Baek, and Jeong-Geun Kim, "A 28 GHz 8-channel Fully Differential Beamforming IC in 65nm CMOS process," Proc. European Microw. C... admin 2
19 2018.07.19 ITC-CSCC 2018 H. N. Jung, T. H. Kim, S. H. Lee, S. H. Mun, Y. J. Kim, C. S. Cho, and D. H. Baek , "CMOS Inductorless DC-DC Boost Converter with Improved Ripple Volta... admin 16
18 2017.09.07 RFIT2017 Keum-Won Ha, Jeong-Yun Lee, Sangyong Park, and Donghyun Baek, "A Dual-mode Signal Generator using PLL for X-band Radar Sensor Applications," IEEE RFIT ... admin 19
17 2016.08.13 APMC 2013 Cheonsoo Kim, Piljae Park, Dong-Young Kim, Seong-Do Kim, Hyun-Kyu Yu, Moon-Kyu Cho, Jeong-Geun Kim, Yun Seong Eo, Joonhong Park, Donghyun Baek, Jun-Tea... admin 2
16 2016.08.13 IEEE RFIC 2012 Cheonsoo Kim, Piljae Park, Dong-Young Kim, Kyung-Hwan Park, Min Park, Moon-Kyu Cho, Seung Jun Lee, Jeong-Geun Kim, Yun Seong Eo, Joonhong Park, Donghyu... admin 5
15 2016.08.13 IEEE ISCAS 2012 Sangyong Park, Sungmoon Park, Joonhong Park, and Donghyun Baek, “Design of 13.56 MHz ASK Transmitter for Near Field Communication Using a DLL Arc... admin 1
14 2016.08.13 IEEE CE 2011 Sangshin Kwak, and Donghyun Baek, “Novel Driving Circuit with Fast Energy Transfer Speed and High Efficiency for Plasma Televisions,” IEEE ... admin 0
13 2016.08.13 ISOCC 2011 S. W. Yoon, J. Y. Jung, and D. H. Baek “A 34 dBm IP0.1dB SOI SP3T Switch with an Integrated Negative-Bias Switch Controller at 2.4 GHz,” In... admin 0
12 2016.08.13 ISOCC 2011 J. H. Park, H. Ryu, and D. H. Baek “77 GHz Signal Generator with CMOS Technology for Automotive Radar Application,” International SOC Desig... admin 61
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