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Reasearch Area


1. RFIC for Wireless Communication and Broadcasting

  - 5G Tranceiver, LTE transceiver, DMB receiver, GPS Receiver, RF on-chip FEM

2. RFIC for Wireless Local Area Network

  - WIFI transceiver, NFC transceiver,  UWB transceiver, WIFI FEM

3. Analog & Mixed Mode IC

  - Novel Delta-Sigma ADC, Novel DC-DC Convertor, Novel Hartley/Current Reuse VCO, Ultra Low Power PLL, Digital PLL

4. Radar on a chip (ROC), Biosensor on a chip (BOC)

  - Car Radar IC (24, 77-81 GHz), Bio-Radar IC, Motion Sensor Radar (10G, 24G), Military Radar (X-band, Ku-Band)

5. RF/Microwave Circuit and System

  - Hybrid RF system, Power Amplifier Module, Passive/Active Filter, Novel Coupler