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[New Member] 환영합니다. 경유진씨가 학부연구생으로 MECAS 랩에 조인하였습니다.

by mecaslab posted Jan 20, 2020



2020년 1월 경유진씨가 MECAS 연구실에 조인하였습니다

  1. [Paper Publication] Low Phase Noise and Wide-Range Class-C VCO Using Auto-Adaptive Bias Technique

    Date2021.05.18 Bymecaslab Views113
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  2. [Paper Publication] An 18.8–33.9 GHz, 2.26 mW Current-Reuse Injection-Locked Frequency Divider for Radar Sensor Applications

    Date2021.05.18 Bymecaslab Views61
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  3. [New Member] 신입 연구원(김성훈)이 조인하였습니다.

    Date2020.08.28 Bymecaslab Views825
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  4. [Paper Publication] Fully Integrated Dual-Mode X-Band Radar Transceiver Using Configurable Receiver and Local Oscillator

    Date2020.08.26 Bymecaslab Views18868
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  5. [Paper Publication] Low Phase Noise and Wide-Range Class-C VCO Using Auto-Adaptive Bias Technique

    Date2020.08.26 Bymecaslab Views603
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  6. [New Member] 신입 연구원 (박준영, 류시극)이 조인하였습니다.

    Date2020.01.31 Bymecaslab Views1780
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  7. [New Member] 환영합니다. 경유진씨가 학부연구생으로 MECAS 랩에 조인하였습니다.

    Date2020.01.20 Bymecaslab Views372
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  8. [Conference Presentation] Kwang-Il Oh - Fourth-order Resonator based Current Reuse Injection- Locking Frequency Divider with Peaking Inductor

    Date2019.12.24 Bymecaslab Views217
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  9. [Award] 전자파학회(하계) 연구논문 대상: 이정윤 박사

    Date2019.09.02 Bymecaslab Views342 file
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  10. [Graduation] Congratulations on Graduation (Aug, 2019): Ph.D Jeong-Yun Lee

    Date2019.09.02 Bymecaslab Views269
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  11. [Paper Publication] Capacitor-Less Low-Dropout (LDO) Regulator with 99.99% Current Efficiency using Active Feedforward and Reverse Nested Miller Compensations

    Date2019.07.17 Bymecaslab Views339
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  12. [New Project] 중앙대 전파연구센터 선정: 스마트 환경 구축을 위한 지능형 레이다 플랫폼 기술 개발 (2019년 ~ 2026년)

    Date2019.05.28 Bymecaslab Views522
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  13. [New Member] 환영합니다. 류시극씨가 학부연구생으로 MECAS 랩에 조인하였습니다.

    Date2019.03.05 Bymecaslab Views440
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  14. [Paper Publication] Fully Integrated Low-Ripple Switched-Capacitor DC–DC Converter with Parallel Low-Dropout Regulator

    Date2019.01.17 Bymecaslab Views335
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  15. [New Member] 신입 연구원 (고구한, 박재경)이 조인하였습니다.

    Date2019.01.03 Bymecaslab Views364
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  16. Congratulation on Mr. Seung-Gi Lee's employment in RFcore

    Date2018.12.05 Bymecaslab Views304
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  17. Congratulation on Mr. Jong-Yeon Lee's employment in Foundry Business Department of Samsung Electronics .

    Date2018.11.29 Bymecaslab Views287
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  18. Congratulation on Dr. Ha Keum-Won's employment in Samsung Network Business Department.

    Date2018.11.26 Bymecaslab Views294
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  19. Paper Publication: High isolation and high linearity double-pole double-throw CMOS switch matrix for Ka-band wireless transceiver front-end IC

    Date2018.10.02 Bymecaslab Views675
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  20. Congratulation on Dr. Park Sangyong's employment in Samsung Network Business Department

    Date2018.08.27 Bymecaslab Views640
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