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Project: 방송통신산업기술개발(R&D) (Beyond 5G 핵심기술연구) 선정되었습니다

by mecaslab posted Jul 31, 2018

연구과제명 : BEYOND 5G 핵심기술연구
연구기간   :  2018.07.01. ~ 2022.12. 31.

  1. Congratulations on Graduation (Aug, 2018): Ph.D Park Sangyong, Ph.D Ha Keumwon, and Ms. Lee Jongyeon

    Date2018.08.27 Bymecaslab Views409
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  2. Project: 방송통신산업기술개발(R&D) (Beyond 5G 핵심기술연구) 선정되었습니다

    Date2018.07.31 Bymecaslab Views515
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  3. Paper Acceptance: High isolation and high linearity double-pole double-throw CMOS switch matrix for Ka-band wireless transceiver front-end IC

    Date2018.05.24 Bymecaslab Views344
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  4. US Patent Registration: Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter with Linear Regulator in parallel

    Date2018.04.30 Bymecaslab Views347
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  5. Paper Publication: Design of Dual-mode Local Oscillator using CMOS technology for Human Motion Detecting Sensor

    Date2018.03.31 Bymecaslab Views1465
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  6. Paper Publication: A Fast-Transient Output Capacitor-Less Low-Dropout Regulator

    Date2018.03.21 Bymecaslab Views341
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  7. Paper Publication: CMOS Switches for a Ka-Band Phased-Array Transceiver

    Date2018.03.06 Bymecaslab Views431
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  8. Project: 국방특화연구센터 (초소형 무인기 전술신호처리 특화연구실) 과제가 선정 및 시작되었습니다.

    Date2017.11.16 Bymecaslab Views1625
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  9. Paper Publication: JSTS- A mismatch compensation LNA

    Date2017.11.16 Bymecaslab Views101
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  10. Conference-RFIT2017: 하금원 (박사과정)씨가 발표하였고 우수학생 논문에 Nominate됨

    Date2017.09.13 Bymecaslab Views148
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  11. Paper Publication: Sensors- Sub-Terahertz Detector

    Date2017.09.09 Bymecaslab Views110
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  12. 이승기 석사 졸업을 축하합니다.

    Date2017.08.25 Bymecaslab Views166
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  13. Research Fund from NRF(한국연구재단)

    Date2017.08.22 Bymecaslab Views528
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  14. Research Fund from IITP(정보통신기술진흥센터)

    Date2017.08.22 Bymecaslab Views60
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  15. Patent Registration: 연속 근사 레지스터 아날로그 디지털 컨버터

    Date2017.04.27 Bymecaslab Views146 file
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  16. Paper Publication: TVLSI2017:RYU

    Date2017.03.22 Bymecaslab Views115
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  17. 백동현교수: 국가과학기술심의회 전문위원 위촉

    Date2017.02.24 Bymecaslab Views144
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  18. Paper Publication: JSTS2017:Ryu

    Date2017.02.22 Bymecaslab Views79
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  19. Paper Publication:  AICSP2017

    Date2017.02.22 Bymecaslab Views90
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  20. Paper Accepted: TVLSI2017:RYU

    Date2017.02.22 Bymecaslab Views84
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